Gillow Cider - 100% natural.

We grow several varieties of traditional cider apples in the grounds of Gillow Manor in the heart of cider country, Herefordshire.

Untouched by chemicals or any artificial additives, our cider apples are made into traditional farmhouse cider the old fashioned way - milled and pressed by hand in our cider house and left to ferment and mature naturally.

This results in a superior product. Our cider has been available at selected CAMRA festivals for the last 2 years, to widespread acclaim. We also supply to local Herefordshire pubs and due to increased demand we're looking into supplying our cider by mail order.

One of the characteristics of small scale cider production is the differences in each variety from year to year - our cider truly reflects the land and countryside from where it originates. Check out the varieties page for details of the apples we grow.


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